Here are answers to the most common questions prospective clients  have when considering a coaching program


I see you are a Speech Pathologist: are you going to diagnose me and provide therapy?

No and No.  There are no Speech Therapy diagnosis services or therapy services provided by, or associated with, Clarity Speech Coaching.  To be clear, accented speech is not disordered speech.

I am already a successful person and established professional : why work with an accent coach?

Are you are an executive, who has important things to say?  Do you avoid public speaking ?  Do people really understand you?  If this describes you and your communication style then Accent Reduction training will can help you be more confident and clear in communicating your spoken English.

Clear English pronunciation is invaluable when representing your employer and managing your clients.  Articulating and communicating your expertise with clarity enhances your credibility and places the focus on your knowledge. The greater your confidence level is with your English pronunciation skills and communication, the more potential you have for career advancement.

I learned English when I was a child in my home country: Is it too late to change my American English accent as an adult ?

It is never too late! Articulation is a motor skill and a habit ( think of playing a sport or an instrument).  With practice and increased awareness learned during your accent reduction program, you will train new fine motor patterns for speech and great muscle memory.

How is the P-ESL Program different from ESL Programs?

English as a Second Language (ESL) places emphasis on learning vocabulary and grammatical rules for English, with reading and speaking being taught at the same time.  There is little emphasis on the necessary training required to establish adequate pronunciation and intonation skills for speaking American English.

The P-ESL accent training program takes over after ESL learning has been completed, specifically designed to aid people with foreign accents to improve their spoken English.  The ultimate goal of an accent program (P-ESL) is to teach new articulation habit patterns for speaking English.

How long does it take to hear the results of your accent coaching program?

If there is daily practice and commitment to change some clients will hear a difference immediately.  The results are based on effort and your practice outside of the sessions.  Upon completion of a 12 week program most clients achieve on average 50-60% overall change in their speech, based on the pre- and post- program test scores.

I am very proud of my cultural identity: will participating in accent modification conflict with my culture?

Clarity Speech Coaching teaches you exact English pronunciation so that you are better understood.  Your cultural identity is separate from your English pronunciation and this program is not to " get rid of" your culture, it's to improve the clarity of your communication.

Ready to find out more?

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