Individual Accent Reduction Training Programs

Intensive one-on-one sessions with your Accent Coach and working directly with the P-ESL Accent Modification on-line program, either via web based sessions or sessions onsite at your business.

The benefits of an accent reduction program are visible in our client's personal lives and careers, and typically result in at least 50-60% improvement in the pronunciation skills of American English with dedicated practice, and completion of the established program.

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Small Group Accent Reduction Training Programs

These programs can be completed in a small group setting for businesses who have a number of employees who are non-native English speakers.  Small groups are ideal in the workplace and the employees do NOT need to share the same native language.

Using the same P-ESL method from the Individual Accent Reduction Programs, clients receive group and direct instruction during the classes.


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Corporate Training Programs & Services

Staff development trainings, introductory classes and education for your employees introducing accent reduction, the process, and helpful tips and strategies for communication.

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Why choose Clarity Speech Coaching for your Accent Reduction needs

Clarity Speech Coaching customizes each accent reduction training program for YOU!  After a thorough interview and speech sample is obtained a detailed analysis will be completed by your Accent Coach.  We will help you meet your communication goals with personalized and individualized training programs for your accent reduction.

Your Accent Coach Ann Marie Pannell is a licensed Speech Pathologist and is trained in the Compton P-ESL Accent Reduction Program. While being a Speech Pathologist is not required to provide accent reduction services, it provides additional voice, fluency and communication expertise to your unique accent training program, while assuring productive and expert training sessions.






The Complementary CLARITY Consultation

The complementary CLARITY consultation is used to provide customized feedback and determine how we will best serve you. The link will bring you to an online consultation (The COMPTON Screening Assessment)  - this page will collect your background information as well as a sample recording of words, a brief reading passage, and conversational speech.

The consultation will take approximately 5 minutes and provides a starting point for our conversation as to how CLARITY Speech Coaching will meet your needs, and determine which coaching program is best for you.  We will provide feedback regarding your speech, speaking style, voice aesthetics and accent ( just to name a few).  Please make sure to enter your email and phone number so that we may contact you.  Once Clarity Speech Coaching receives your completed consultation, you will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss our recommendations !