Do you need a communication/speech coach?

Executive presence and professional communication are pivotal to a company's bottom line. We work with professionals in a group or individually who want to be highly effective communicators by teaching them to connect with diverse audiences. This leads to individual personal growth and corporate success.

woman at work on phone talking easily

Individual Accent Coaching

  • Are you misunderstood at work?
  • Are you asked to repeat yourself often?
  • Do you feel that you have to repeat yourself?
  • Do you lack confidence when speaking on the phone, in person or on-line?
  • Do you feel like "accent reduction" is taking away your culture?

Our individual accent coaching programs honor your culture, and improve your spoken English so that your are understood.  This leads to more confidence and professional growth.

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Corporate Speech Training

  • Are you losing clients because of communication breakdowns?
  • Do you feel that collaboration and team work are suffering due to generational or cultural communication misunderstandings?
  • Are you ready to invest in your communication skills, because you know you will get a return in increased sales?

Whether it is an annual sales meeting or a regular conference, training your employees and executives to deliver a concise message will pay for itself over and over!

public speaking

Public Speaking Training

  • Do you want to appear confident and be engaging while presenting?
  • Does speaking out in a meeting scare you?
  • Is your communication style holding you back at work?

All individuals can benefit from public speaking coaching. Everyone can benefit from learning how to communicate in a clearly. Learn the key delivery skills to authentically engage your audience and ramp-up your confidence, while delivering a well organized message that gets results.

The Complementary Accent Reduction Consultation

The complementary CLARITY consultation is used to provide customized feedback and determine how we will best serve you. The link will bring you to an online consultation (The COMPTON Screening Assessment)  - this page will collect your background information as well as a sample recording of words, a brief reading passage, and conversational speech.

The consultation will take approximately 5 minutes and provides a starting point for our conversation as to how CLARITY Speech Coaching will meet your needs, and determine which coaching program is best for you.  We will provide feedback regarding your speech, speaking style, voice aesthetics and accent ( just to name a few).  Please make sure to enter your email and phone number so that we may contact you.  Once Clarity Speech Coaching receives your completed consultation, you will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss our recommendations !


One of the best things you can do as a leader and for yourself is to make sure your communications are CLEAR. Ann brings a strong and unique blend of talents to help you focus on your foundation and build your team so that you can exploit future opportunities. - T.V. - Durham, NC
Crisis Communication Training Participant

Ann & Jay make such a dynamic powerhouse team to learn from, as their presentation style is engaging, their willingness to openly host conversations about practical communication challenges and proposed solutions is evident, and they are extremely generous with sharing their vast knowledge & expertise!

M.C., C.L.E.A.R. Workshop Participant

Since completing my accent training program for my English, I feel more confident interacting with people.  I feel more welcoming than I was before, and more confident with my intonation. I can now use my English to have deeper conversations that I wasn’t able to do before because I was constantly worried about my accent.  I am not a perfectionist anymore, and I more aware that we all have accents and more comfortable with myself.  I am so happy that I took the step to work on my accent, I am more outgoing now, and am meeting new people. Ann is supportive and easy to work with.  I hope to work with her again. -

R.W., Accent Coaching Client


I didn’t realize that my intonation pattern was keeping the emotion from my voice.  Mastering my intonation has helped me be more engaging and emotional speaker.  I had received feedback that I had a “monotone” quality and never really understood the impact it had on people being able to understand me and connect to other people.  I have an excellent English vocabulary and writing skills, it was the accent and speaking piece that had been holding me back from being more assertive at work and speaking with my collogues.  The best part of completing the accent modification class is that I feel more engaging when speaking and that people are truly listening me. - S.M. - Raleigh, NC- Accent Coaching Client

Ann is incredibly attentive and provides a lot of extra information according to the customer preferences and aptitudes. -

E.C., Accent Coaching Client

This was an enlightening training and I found it motivating, on topic and great discussions. I highly recommend it!

A.B., Interview Skills Training Participant

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Clarity Speech Coaching is the solution to your communication breakdowns!  We help professionals in RTP and all over the U.S. improve their personal and business communication skills.  Through virtual or in-house corporate training programs, we coach to communicate with clarity, while letting personality shine through. Whether you are a native English speaker or English is your second language, we create a customized coaching program to meet your needs.