Our accent coaching classes 


Individual Accent Coaching Programs

Clarity Speech Coaching uses the proven and highly successful COMPTON Pronouncing English as a Second Language Method, known as P-ESL during your one-on-one accent reduction program  The P-ESL method was developed by Dr. Arthur J. Compton, founder of The Institute for Language and Phonology.

Accent coaching begins by taking your speech sound analysis, which develops into your customized and personal training program. Clarity Speech Coaching provides the individual, customized teaching and training associated with this program, and each coaching program is developed on an individual basis.

Typically programs run for 8 to 12 weeks and include a full initial interview and speech sample, a lifetime subscription to the online practice portal, individual coaching sessions, and a re-evaluation at the end of your program to track progress. Your accent coaching can be completed in person or online.

The individual coaching sessions are completed with your Accent Coach on a flexible weekly schedule, either web based or hosted at your place of business.

Small Group/Corporate Accent Coaching 

These programs can be completed in a small group setting for businesses that have a number of employees who are non-native English speakers.  Small Groups consist of 5 individuals, possibly from 5 different language backgrounds!  Group Accent Coaching is an effective resource for enhancing the business communication skills of non-native English speakers.

Your accent coach will use the P-ESL method so that all participants receive a full initial interview (the same as with individual accent coaching programs), and a group program agenda will be developed where each participant is working to improve their unique set of pronunciation targets simultaneously.

Group sessions include: a full initial interview and speech sample, a lifetime subscription to the online practice portal, group coaching sessions, and a re-evaluation at the end of the program to track progress.

Group sessions may be completed in a series of sessions hosted by your company or organization.  Clarity Speech Coaching will work with you to meet your organization's unique scheduling needs.

Our accent coaching process 

  • We customize each accent reduction program for YOU!
  • You provide a speech sample - here.
  • A detailed analysis will be completed by your Accent Coach.
  • in your next coaching call we determine  your communication goals and create a personalized and individualized training programs for you.


Benefits of Accent Coaching

The noticable changes after completing an accent reduction training program include:

  • Increased confidence when speaking English in professional and personal interactions
  • Noticing a decrease in confusion and frustration of other people they are speaking to
  • Fewer mistakes and time lost due to miscommunication
  • A drastic decrease in the number of times they need to repeat themselves on the phone
  • Feeling proud and happy of their accents and communication style
Person speaking around a conference table
man accent reduction

How Accent Coaching Can Help You

Participating in a customized accent reduction program will teach you clear and effective communication skills, improving your professional and personal relationships, and improving your overall self confidence when speaking.

Are you finding that your clients, and peers are continuously asking your to repeat yourself because they are having difficulty understanding you? If so, then Clarity Speech Coaching is the solution.

Contact Clarity Speech Coaching

Please contact Clarity Speech Coaching to begin improving your communication.  Your accent is part of your background and who you are, and that accent should not affect your ability to be understood .