How You & Your Company Will Benefit from Clarity Speech Coaching


Benefits for Human Resources

As a Speech Language Pathologist and Corporate Speech Coach I help employees thrive and grow within your business or organization. The result of professional Speech Coaching can be: improved speaking confidence; clearer pronunciation; more natural speech rhythm, voice inflection and cadence; improved collaboration and team work. When communication improves in the workplace, relationships and rapport often improve between team members, as well as between employees and clients. In the end everyone benefits and your business is likely to see improved customer loyalty and a better “bottom line.”

Benefits to Your Company

  • Reduced Turnover
    • Improving an employee’s ability to communicate will help them to be comfortable, confident and successful within your organization. And for managers, the ability to be clearly understood can also reduce the turnover of the people reporting to them.
  • Improved Profit
    • Growing a business, reducing costs, managing people, sharing new ideas, reducing turnover – all require effective communication.
  • Professional Development
    • Your company will be better positioned to meet future challenges and readily capitalize on the talent already within your organization.  When current employees achieve better business communication and speech clarity skills, they are better equipped to advance in their careers to positions of greater responsibility.  Promoting from within the company can reduce training costs and recruiting fees.

Areas in Which Clarity Speech Coaching Can Help

  • Regional and Foreign Accent Modification
    • One of the most popular and effective areas of Speech Coaching is Accent Modification. The goal is never to “remove” an accent. Rather, the goal is to improve pronunciation intonation and speech clarity.
  • Presentation Skills and Voice Improvement
    • Many clients find it helpful to work one-on-one with a Speech Coach to improve their speaking and presentation skills. This includes tone, voice projection, body language and inflection. Since “voice” is something employees use every day, even small changes can have a powerful impact on their confidence and career.
  • Specialized Areas
    • Speech Coaching can also help in a variety of other specialized communication areas including: speech or voice training, non-verbal communication, communication etiquette, cross-cultural communication, business communication skills, and so much more !

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