What we can do for your business 

Clarity Speech Coaching will aide your employees to excel and develop within your business, while valuing cultural identity and diversity. Excellent communication skills are necessary for public speaking, sales presentations, and team building, to name a few.   Clarity Speech Coaching specializes in accent modification programs, and this service is ideal for enhancing and modifying the business communication skills of your non-native English Speakers, as well as native English speakers possessing a strong regional accent.  We also provide training related to corporate communication on the topic of your choice.  We will develop training and education classes around your company's needs, with the goal of improving your organization's business communication.  Clarity Speech Coaching will address key areas where effective American English pronunciation is a must in your workplace.

How Can Your Company Benefit?

When your employees receive training and education from Clarity Speech Coaching the results will include: clearer pronunciation, a more natural speech rhythm, voice inflection, and intonation all reflective of American English speaking patterns.

When communication improves in your workplace, the relationships and rapport also improve between co-workers, as well as between employees and clients. Everyone benefits and your business is likely to see improved customer relations, and satisfaction.

Contact Clarity Speech Coaching to Discuss your Needs

To better assess your needs, please contact Ann Marie Pannell, owner of Clarity Speech Coaching.  Together we will determine the best way to meet your needs.